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Possible Activities

During the planning for the centennial of the 1913 Michigan Copper Miners’ Strike several lists of potential activities and events were developed, refined, and distributed at public meetings.

The most recent document was updated August 16, 2012 and can be downloaded by clicking this text: ActivitiesAugust2012.  Some of these events have people’s names listed; these are individuals who indicated some desire to pursue these items.

  1. David Freeze permalink

    I think a reading of the names of the people killed at Italian Hall site would be a appropriate remembrance of the victims of the disaster.

    • I haven’t talked to any of those planning the Christmas Eve commemorative event at Italian Hall (as of yet), but I seem to believe the names of those who died will be read or presented in some way. In 2011 when the city of New York honored the centennial of the Triangle fire they incorporated a reading of the names into the ceremony and it was quite powerful.

  2. There is a great exhibit at Houghton’s Carnegie museum which gives short biographies of each of those who perished at Italian Hall. It was researched by Avis West and members of the Houghton-Keweenaw Genealogical Society.

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